What is The Prepary?

Q: So what is The Prepary? (hint: it’s great job search advice)

A: The Prepary is a job search advice blog / website / resource (whatever you want to call it!) written by Jaime Petkanics based on her experiences and learnings from over 5 years as a recruiter in the Finance and Fashion industries.

Q: What are the topics covered by The Prepary?

A: The Prepary publishes advice each week on job search & career advice – some past topics have included:

  • how to answer common interview questions
  • how to use linkedin in your job search
  • things to consider when choosing a job or internship
  • how to look for a job when you already have one
  • …and much more

Q: How is The Prepary different than other job search advice resources?

A: Many (not all) job search advice articles are written by people who haven’t necessarily done significant amounts of recruiting.  The articles on The Prepary are directly influenced by what Jaime has seen interviewing and hiring thousands of candidates.  This is advice you can really trust.

Q: How can it help me?

A: Whether you are in the process of looking for a job now, preparing for an interview, or just staying up to date on job search topics (for when you are ready to look for a new job), the site will give you tons of valuable information that is written in an honest and straightforward way.

If you need more hands on support in your job search, you can work with Jaime one-on-one and get personalized advice to help you update your resume, prepare for an interview, and or anything else that is job search related.  To learn more about the costs of these services email jaime@prepary.com.

Q: What if I have a job search question I don’t see answered on The Prepary?

A: The Prepary wants to hear all of your job search questions and help answer them on the site.  Submit your questions on Twitter, through Facebook comments, or email them to questions@prepary.com and you can look forward to a future post to help answer it.  To get advice on any urgent questions, you may want to set up a session with Jaime instead.

Q: How can I contribute to The Prepary?

A: There are a few ways you can contribute to making The Prepary a great resource for job search advice.

  • One of the best ways is to share your success stories!  Did a piece of advice you’ve read (on our site or others) help you land a great job or internship?  Share it!
  • Another way you can help is by spreading the word.  The site is still very new and the more people it can help in the job search, the better!  Help share this advice (if it has helped you) on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, word of mouth text (etc. etc.)
  • Read up, leave comments, and help create great discussion!

Q: How do I connect with Jaime and The Prepary so I can stay up to date?

You can follow The Prepary’s posts on almost every social media channel so take your pick!  Here are the links to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Quora pages.