a to z program

The Description

Over the course of this seven-session program, you’ll create a comprehensive and strategic job search plan and put it into action, leading to a job you’ll love. Rubber, meet road.

The logistics

Sessions take place via phone, Google Hangout, or in-person in New York City. And by sharing files in virtually, Jaime can work with you wherever you are. In between sessions, she is also available for those quick yet daunting little questions that come up throughout a job search.

The Details
Session 1: Goals

Setting goals and getting organized: an obvious but often overlooked or mismanaged first step. This session will create the foundation for all of the work ahead and give you the tools needed for an efficient, pain-free search.

Session 2: Resume

Your resume is the single most important document in your job search. Together with Jaime, you’ll make it look amazing and, most importantly, relevant for your job applications. She will also format and edit your resume for final polish.

Session 3: Personal Branding

From cover letters to LinkedIn profiles, what you write about yourself sets the tone for how companies perceive you. In this session, you’ll learn how to write a compelling cover letter, create a template to work from for all future applications and update your LinkedIn profile to meet your career goals.

Session 4: Networking

The network—everyone has one, whether large or small, strong or weak. The key is learning how to leverage and strengthen your network to make meaningful introductions. You’ll learn Jaime’s tried-and-true tactics and walk away with various custom outreach email templates to use throughout your search.

Session 5: Interviews (part 1)

Acing the interview is all about knowing what to expect and preparing accordingly. You’ll walk through the most common questions you can expect in the interview process and create a strategy for how to answer them based on your goals and background.

Session 6: Interviews (part 2)

When you get an interview, you’ll go through a mock interview with Jaime for that particular role. You will get honest feedback on what goes well and what can be improved, drawing on experience from the thousands of interviews she has conducted.

Session 7: Offers & Negotiations

Review details of the offers you receive and determine if there is room for negotiation. When relevant, you’ll put together speaking points for negotiation conversations to maximize what is most important to you. Often times the results of this one session pays for the entire package and then some.