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Hey there! Welcome to The Prepary.

I’m Jaime and I’ve been working in the people field (recruiting, human resources, and learning and development) for the past decade.  I started The Prepary to share job search and career advice in a fresh and modern way, and I hope the site will help you reach your goals.

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1. Figure out what you *really* want to do next

This is a critical and often overlooked step of the job search. Instead of being tempted to dive right in, take the time to be thoughtful about your next career move.

I can promise you that doing this will make your entire job search 1000 times easier and more effective in the end.

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2. Update your job search materials

Once you know what you want to do, it’s time to customize your job search brand (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn) to that goal. Below are 3 articles to help you do just that.

Resume: How to update your resume in 5 simple steps

Cover Letter: What recruiters really want to see on your cover letter

LinkedIn: How to write great LinkedIn blurbs


3. Apply and network!

Once your materials are updated, it’s time for you to put them out into the world. 

Then after applying, it’s time to make sure those applications actually get seen by the right people (you guessed it, through networking!)

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4. Get ready to interview

My mantra during the first part of the job search is “apply, network, repeat”. If you do this (and you’re applying to the right jobs with the right materials), you will land interviews.

And when you do, you better be sure you’re ready to knock them out of the park.

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5. Carefully consider and negotiate your offers

By the time you get to the end of your job search process, you may be tempted to say yes quickly just to end the damn thing!

Before you do, it’s important to get really honest with yourself and make sure you’re walking into a great situation.

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Best of luck in your search and I hope you find The Prepary to be a great resource. To stay up to date on advice and free resources, join our mailing list.