Reader Q & A

,   |  February 26, 2013

Should I send send a hard copy of my resume?

I often get asked, “should I send a hard copy of my resume by mail?” Based on my experience, the answer is no… and here is why.

,   |  January 4, 2013

What does it mean if a job is reposted while I’m interviewing?

What does it mean if a job is reposted while I’m interviewing? It really means nothing, so don’t panic. Here are the reasons you’re still in the running.

,   |  January 3, 2013

What does fit mean in the job search and interview process?

During your job search, you’re probably not going to get a ton of feedback on why you weren’t hired for a particular role (here’s why). However, one of the most common reasons for not being selected is about “fit”.  I myself have heard plenty of times that something “wasn’t the right fit” but it’s still… View Article

,   |  December 13, 2012

Should I respond to a job rejection?

The most devastating part of the job search is getting rejected/turned down for a role you were really excited about. Often times people ask me what they are supposed to do when they get turned down (by email). Are you supposed to respond?

,   |  December 4, 2012

Should I include an objective on my resume?

People often wonder if they should include an objective on their resume. In general, I say the answer is no. This post explains why I don’t think objectives are important (and also the certain situations where you may want to include one just in case).