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Do companies post all of their jobs online?

If you’re out there looking for a job, and you have a list of your absolute dream companies, your number 1 priority is probably finding out how to get your foot in the door at one of them. The first step to doing that is naturally applying for jobs and then interviewing for them. But one tricky part of the job search process is actually finding out about these opportunities.

People often wonder “Do companies post all of their jobs online?” and tend to have a suspicion that they’re missing out.

do companies post all of their jobs online

The answer… companies don’t always post all of their jobs online, which can make the process of getting to that dream company a little harder.

Why not?

It could be for any number of reasons but I think there are 4 common ones.

  1. The company is looking for a very specific type of candidate which means running a targeted search will be more efficient.
  2. Their recruiting strategy in general is a proactive one. They’d rather go out and find their own candidates versus wait for them (some companies do opt for this).
  3. It’s a job that would be extremely popular, gathering an unmanageable volume of applications. In this case it’s possible the team will rely on referrals or those they know.
  4. They already have someone in mind for the job, whether it’s someone internal to the organization or just someone they’ve already identified externally.

How do you know if you’re missing out?

Well, the first thing to do is a little research. Check out the company’s jobs site and see if they frequently list many positions or if it’s a little more scarce.

If you do see an active group of jobs, it’s safe to say they’re committed to posting in general (and most companies are, because that’s how they find great candidates!) Of course that doesn’t mean every single one will be posted, but it’s a sign that most will be.

If you notice that a company doesn’t have a dedicated jobs site or if it’s looking light, it’s probably a good idea figure out another way to find out about openings.

If you think some jobs are missing, start networking

The best way to be considered for a job you don’t know about is building strong relationships within the company so people can keep you in mind as they have a business need.

Checking in on a regular basis (but not so much that it becomes annoying) is equally important. If you meet someone tomorrow, it’s unlikely they’re going to have you in their mind for months down the road.

While it’s tricky to find a job that never gets advertised, it’s not impossible. But forming and maintaining relationships within the company is absolutely key.

Have you ever gotten a job that wasn’t posted? Leave a comment to share!

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