What is job search consulting?

Job search consulting (or coaching as some may call it) is a service that will help you become a better candidate and, in turn, land a better job. By working together, we’ll tackle different aspects of the job search and I’ll share my advice and insights gained from spending seven years in the recruiting and HR field. Consider me your job search tutor.

Where will sessions take place?

Our sessions can take place by phone, video chat, or in person in NYC (my office is in Soho). If we’re working remotely, we’ll use editable Google docs and share screens so we can easily work together.

What types of people and industries do you work with?

I work with people from all different backgrounds and levels, from interns to senior executives. Many of my clients are professionals in the first 10 years of their careers and I am proud to share that they have landed jobs at amazing companies including NBC, Google, JPMorgan, Deloitte, Tory Burch, Vince, Intermix, Shopbop, The Wendy Williams Show, Indeed and Towers Watson. You can hear more from them here.

What will we cover during a session?

Everyone’s job search is a little different which is why most of my services are a la carte. You can look through them and decide which sessions make the most sense for your specific needs.

I used to have some bigger packages, but I was always changing them up to meet people’s needs anyway! So if you’re interested in putting together a package, go ahead and schedule an intro call and we can put together a package of sessions customized to you.

I do offer discounts on packages and multiple sessions grouped together, so if you think that sounds like you, just ask!


Are payment plans available?

Since sessions can be booked a la carte, I generally don’t offer payments plans. If you are planning on buying 5+ sessions or putting together a custom package, we can definitely work together to figure out a plan that works for you.

Are you a headhunter?

No, I do not place people in jobs—I am working 100% for you directly and my services are geared to make you the best candidate so that you can navigate the job search effectively. Headhunters and recruiting agencies are great (definitely get in touch with some!) but many companies rely on their in-house teams to hire. That means if you want to get your foot in the door at many amazing companies, you’re going to need to navigate that process on your own.

Can you guarantee me a job?

I can guarantee you a competitive edge and that you will be a significantly stronger candidate after our work together. However, I have no control over the job market or a company’s decision-making process. That being said, my clients have had amazing success landing jobs that they love.

Is it smart to make this type of investment if I’m not currently working or I’m on a tight budget?

It’s a completely personal choice, but I can tell you that becoming a better, more strategic job seeker often leads to a better, higher paying job — and more quickly. 

I usually tell people to weigh the cost of these services against the cost of being unemployed or in a job it’s time to move on from for another month.

If the one-on-one investment isn’t the right fit for you, I also have a number of free resources across the site and a number of online courses which are also incredibly impactful.

This all sounds good, but I have some other questions…

Great! Reach out anytime. I’d love to hear from you.