|  September 14, 2012

Friday’s Recommended Reading Round-Up

Happy Friday everyone!  Whether you are looking for a job, internship, or just reading, thanks so much for following along.  It’s been so great writing job search advice over the past few weeks taking into account everything I’ve learned as a Recruiter.  Each Friday, I’ll be sharing the best things I’ve read/watched/listened to online.  Take a look at this week’s round-up!

1. The Ultimate Office: Inside Google’s NYC Compound – via Refinery 29

  • Why we like it: In terms of the best “work environment”, you can’t really beat Google.  We’ve all heard “tales” of the hammock rooms and beer stations but now we have 21 photos to drool over.  Kind of obsessed with the Pac-Man arcade!  While lounges, libraries, and free food aren’t everything… it certainly plays a factor in how happy one will be at work… so take environment into account!

2.  Birchbox’s 2nd Anniversary Video – via the Birchbox Blog

  • Why we like it:  It’s a great example of why you should follow the companies you may be interested in via social media.  While the purpose of posting this video, may have been to thank Birchbox customers, it takes the viewer on a tour through their office, shows the smiling faces of their many employees, and really says a lot about what kind of company it is.  Videos like this are a really impactful way to show off company culture.

3. His First Rule of Business: Don’t Hope – via the NYTimes ft. Ben Lerer, CEO of Thrillest

  • Why we like it: Many of us have had experiences with bad bosses in the past.  Lerer talks about how he wanted to create a place and environment where employees would never feel that way.  When leaders think about “company culture” in terms of “how would I want to be treated?” or  “Is this a place I love to come to work?” you know they’re on the right track.  He also shares his perspective on hiring the right people for his team.  Lots of great insight in this article.

4. To Share or not to Share? That is the social media question – via Mashable

  • Why we like it: They make some really valid points about “sharing” and include an pretty funny “flow chart” of the thought process you should go through before you post something.
5. We’re especially proud of these 3 articles we wrote this week – via The Prepary
Have a great weekend everyone!
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