|  September 7, 2012

Friday’s Recommended Reading Round-Up

One thing is certain – there are a lot of career advice articles and work-related stories out there.  I like to read them all.  Each Friday I will round up the  most interesting articles I’ve read from the week. Take a look at this week’s Recommended Reading Round-Up:

ArticleOn Facebook Voyeurism via Fast Company

  • Why I like it: A funny take on “facebook stalking” that reminds us that someone (even if it’s just facebook employees & the FBI) is always watching. Consider anything you post and do online to be “findable” in some rare circumstance

Article37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady via Fast Company

  • Why I like it: Shows how a progressive CEO can have a profound impact on company culture and (arguably) company productivity. Carefully consider company leadership & culture as you decide what companies you choose to apply to and interview with.

ArticleSukhinder Singh Cassidy: 5 Key Strategies for the First 5 Years of Your Career via Levo League:

  • Why I like it: Sukhinder has had a ridiculously impressive career and her 5 key strategies (based on her big learnings) are spot on… really solid advice from a really impressive woman.
Article: My best networking tip via Lindsay Pollak
  • Why I like it: It’s a really simple piece of advice but also happens to be a really good one.

ArticleLessons from a Career, Interrupted via Harvard Business Review

  • Why I like it: It’s always interesting to read about a non-linear career path.  Things rarely end up the way we picture them.  Be open to change and the different things thrown at you in your career.
Article: Owning It, Identifying your strengths & weaknesses via Levo League (written by Jaime @ the Prepary)
  • Why I like it: Well, I wrote it! But really, it is definitely important to know both your strengths & weaknesses and factor them in while making career decisions.


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