|  December 15, 2012

How to customize your resume (without lying)

First thing’s firstIt’s never okay to lie or “fake it” on your resume! Really, never. You can get in an enormous amount of trouble for that (and likely fired) even years into your employment with a company. So don’t lie.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about how to “tailor” or customize a resume to a job. This is something you should always do! Here are five things to consider changing for each job application you send.

Never Lie About: Your Title – Even if your title doesn’t make sense and doesn’t accurately describe what you do, you still shouldn’t fake it. Employers often do background checks before hiring and they always ask for “title” and “dates employed by company,” among other things. You don’t want the title you’ve provided to not match up in this type of routine check.

Instead, customize: Add a one-line description next to your title. That being said, you want the line where your title is to accurately describe what you do (and not all titles do that). There is nothing wrong with adding a one-line description to supplement your title. An example would be: “Talent Acquisition Associate [that’s the title] — Handle recruiting for FT and Internship roles across the company [that’s the description].” This will help add a little color and understanding to your current role.

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