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Latest on the blog

  |  May 19, 2016

How to write great resume bullets without results or metrics

When it comes to resumes, there’s a piece of advice we’ve all heard loud and clear: make it results-driven.  People say that recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to just see what you’ve done, they want to see results, metrics, and accomplishments. While this advice has some truth to it and is certainly well-intentioned, forcing… View Article

  |  May 11, 2016

How to approach internal transfers

Transferring internally within a company you’re already working for can be a great move for so many reasons. It can enable you to take on a job at the next level or allow you to try out something new while having the advantage of retaining all that institutional knowledge that takes so long to accumulate. I’m all for them — but they can be a tricky to navigate. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking about internal mobility within your company.

  |  May 2, 2016

20 Common Behavioral Interview Questions

If you’ve gone on a job interview before then you’re probably familiar with these 6 words: Tell me about a time when… This post outlines 20 common behavioral interview questions and how to answer them.