|  December 4, 2013

The holidays & your job search

It’s the holiday season and things are starting to feel festive around NYC. Holiday parties, songs, card-writing, and gift-giving are in full effect. But what about the job search you’ve been chipping away at? Just because it’s December doesn’t mean you can’t continue to make progress.

Here are a few ways to keep your job search efforts going strong during the holiday season.

Send a holiday card to those who’ve helped you in your search:

Have you been working with a recruiter over the year? Did someone take the time to have an informational interview with you? Did someone  refer you to their company when you were interested in a job posting? The holiday season is the perfect time to say you appreciated it (and happy holidays!)

If you are going to send a holiday card to a recruiter or anyone else who has helped you in your job search this year, take a look at this post, and keep a few guidelines in mind:

  1. keep your cards religion-neutral
  2. only send cards to those you genuinely have formed a relationship with (otherwise can come off as overkill)
  3. skip the personal details (use different cards for professional relationships vs. family & friends)
  4. keep the note short and sweet
  5. use snail mail over email

Keep applying – December can be a good time to apply for a job

People think things tend to be slow in the hiring world around the holidays. While that may be true, there are also less people job-seeking… so if a company does need to fill an open role, they likely have less candidates in front of them. Make sure you’re still looking for open jobs throughout the holiday season and applying right as you see them.

Additionally, in some industries, holiday time is especially busy (like retail). You may find an uptick in seasonal hiring. Even if a job is just for the season, it may still be a great opportunity. Depending on the circumstances, seasonal roles can become full-time ones in the new year.

holiday parties

Take every networking opportunity

Holiday parties are fun and festive, but also a great opportunity to network. Accept the invitations that come your way and meet as many people as possible. While I wouldn’t recommend sharing you elevator pitch at one, use them as a way to build relationships. Following the event, you might find yourself with many new people to keep in touch with in the new year.

Keep in mind, it’s hard to make your best impression after too many trips to the bar. The idea is to be remembered for the right reasons.

and most of all…

Take some time to recharge, spend time with the people who mean the most to you, and get ready for a successful new year.

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