|  September 21, 2012

Friday’s Recommended Reading Round-Up

Happy Friday everyone!  Whether you are looking for a job, internship, or just reading, thanks so much for following along.  Since it’s Friday, here’s some recommended reading/watching – enjoy!

1. Video Interviewing Infographic – via Spark Hire & Recruiter.com

  • Why it’s interesting – as a job seeker, it is important to stay up to date on new & innovative tools that recruiters are using in the hiring process.  This infographic shows the rising trend of video interviews. As a recruiter, I love the efficiency of this and it seems others feel the same way. Knowing this is a growing trend, you’ll want to make sure you start “practicing” your video presence using imovie or other tools.

2. Do you really want to use THAT LinkedIn Photo – via Careerealism

  • Why you should take a look – to find out if you have an unprofessional LinkedIn picture up right now!  The article gives a few good examples of what is just not okay in the world of LI profile pics.  Keep it professional!

3. Interview Basics: How to dress for an interview – via Levo League (and written by me!)

  • How it’s helpful – People often buy into the “black suit approach” when thinking about what to wear to an interview.  In reality, this isn’t necessarily the best option since different companies and industries have very different office environments (and dress codes).  The goal should be to look like you already work there.
4. Podcasts & Articles via Prologue Profiles
  • Why you should check it out – Sometimes after a few years of “traditional” work experience, it’s time to try something new and different.  Dan interviews young professionals who have ditched their conventional career paths to follow their dreams.  It’s pretty inspiring stuff, I’ve gotta say.
  • Why it’s interesting – The world of free interns is an odd one.  It’s always amazed me how competitive it’s been to intern for no pay.  With press like this, you may begin to notice a trend that more employers (in fashion and beyond) have started to pay their interns or mandate that they get school credit.  If you’re looking for an internship, be prepared to work with your school to lock it up.

Image via The NYTimes

Enjoy the articles, videos, podcasts and more… and have a great weekend everyone!
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