|  January 2, 2014

Kick off your job search in 2014

Well, here we are in 2014! Something about a fresh new year makes people start to think about new beginnings. If for you that means considering a new job, here’s a post to help kick off your job search.

kick off your job search

Think about what you really want to do

Before you launch into a massive job search, desperate to move on from whatever you’re currently doing, take a step back and think about what you really want out of a job. Taking a new job can be a “quick fix” or a really great long term decision.

So what do you really want to do this year and for those to come? Is it something similar to what you do now or is it time to make a broader change? Even though bigger changes can be hard, a job search takes a ton of effort and hard work so make it really count.

Having an honest conversation with yourself or those around you will help you focus on the right jobs versus just applying to anything and everything (which can backfire too).

Follow your dream companies

I’m a big believer that working for the right company can make all the difference, even if you are doing the same exact job. Make a list of companies that inspire you – ones that have goals that align with your own. Think about the companies that have missions that you can really get behind.

Then visit their careers sites and set up job alerts so you’ll be notified when a job is posted with certain keywords or in certain functions. This is not necessarily the fastest way to land a new job, but I do believe being patient and not settling creates much more happiness at work in the long term.

Tap into your network

Take a look into your network (this section of The Prepary has some great resources on leveraging LinkedIn and other networking tips) and start reaching out. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, definitely start there.

Reconnect with old co-workers. Reach out just to say “Happy New Year” and not to ask for anything in return. As your search gets underway, don’t be afraid to ask for a favor, or even a referral. And always reciprocate for your network when you can.

Update your resume

Take a fresh look at your resume. Is there anything you need to add from the past year? Is there anything that now seems less relevant. Don’t be afraid to remove that summer internship from 2003 if you’ve now been working for 10 years.

The key to a strong resume isn’t listing everything you’ve ever done. A great resume is curated, sharing the information that is the most relevant and most impressive. Visit our section on resumes for more tips.

Ask questions!

What are you curious about when it comes to career or job search advice? Submit your questions and I’ll write about them in 2014! Your info will be kept completely anonymous.

Get going

Early in the new year is a great time to start looking for a job. Companies (especially growing ones) will be eager to start hiring early in the year. They may even have some new roles popping up from 2014 budgets.

No time like the present! To all those about to embark on a new search, good luck and hope you’ll follow along with The Prepary this year (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). Happy 2014!

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