|  September 28, 2012

This week’s recommended reading (and viewing) round-up

It’s Friday!  Here are a few thing’s we enjoyed reading, watching, and listening to his week that may help you in your job search or your career:

3 Ways to Kick Off Your New Job the Right Way: via The Daily Muse

  • It’s all true! Being open to a new environment, not comparing your new company to your last one (that’s like talking about an ex on the first date) and not chatting incessantly are all great tips when starting a new job.  There are lots of other do’s and don’ts but these are some good ones to read through.
  • I wrote this post for the Levo League and company cutlure is a topic I love to think about and investigate.  A great company culture will “bring out the best in you”, allow you to do your best work, and keep you happy in your job.
Why Employers Do Phone Interviews –  By Alison Green via US News
  • This is totally accurate.  I’ve done thousands of phone interviews and these are pretty much exactly the reasons why.  This article gives really great insight as to why a recruiter is calling you up.  The more you understand the reasons behind the phone screens, the more you can do to prepare for them!
Battling Your Online Addiction – by Tony Schwarz via HBR
  • I think we can all relate to needing to put down the iphone, not respond within 5 seconds of hearing a faint “ping”, and feeling like we should spend less time browsing aimlessly online.  Tony offers some tips to battle this… though I think it’s going to be an uphill battle for me!
I have an interview, now what? – via Rasmussen College
  • I guess I’m a sucker for a good infographic… but also these steps (after you get an interview) align very closely with what I believe job seekers should do in the “prep process”.  Hang this on your wall if you are in the middle of a job search!
All on the Line with Joe Zee – via the Sundance Channel
  • Ok, maybe this is a stretch for “career related” viewing but I am so loving this show.  The premise is that Joe (Creative Director of Elle) works one-on-one with failing fashion brands and helps them get back on the right track.  The part that is relevant from a career perspective is that the show completely validates the need to take, accept, and use feedback to make big changes in your career.  Don’t be afraid of a little tough love, sometimes it’s needed… and ultimately, it will help you.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks so much for reading!


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