|  June 6, 2014

Add a little motivation to your day with momentum app

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d write about something a little less serious but still productivity related. My friend Tracy introduced me the Momentum app on Google’s Chrome browser. I’ve found that it adds a little motivation and productivity to my day (in a very simple way). And it’s free. Win-win.

momentum app

The Momentum app only takes one click to install and then becomes your default “background” when you open new tabs in Google Chrome. It’s super simple but adds a little bit of inspiration before you start a new task and keeps you on track. A few of the main features I really enjoy are..

The beautiful images

When I’m sitting inside at my desk, it’s so nice to see a big, beautiful photo of something in nature. There are a lot of gorgeous mountains, landscapes, and sunsets on Momentum… and it makes me feel a little less indoors.

It forces me to focus

Setting goals is always a good thing and when momentum asks me “what’s your main focus for the day?” I do feel the need to infuse some overarching purpose to the day.  Sometimes it’s an actual goal, like “get through every single email” but other times it’s just about setting the general tone for the day like “crushing it”.

momentum app

Is your main focus of the day to “get a job” but you were about to go to Facebook in the new tab you just opened? Perhaps you’ll think twice!

It offers a simple to-do list in the corner

I am actually very loyal to my favorite to-do list (Wunderlist) for organizing my bigger list of to-dos but sometimes there are few things that need to stay top of mind.  I find that those are the perfect types of tasks to put into the built in to-do corner.

A little inspirational quote never hurt anyone

Below the goal/purpose for the day, I get a nice little quote. Yesterday’s was “Believe in yourself” and today’s is “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it”

It gives me the time

Enough said…

It greets you

It politely says good morning & good evening to me.

So that’s the Momentum app. It’s totally free and has brought some happiness and productivity to my work day. Have you tried it? What do you think?

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