|  January 7, 2013

How your family can help you in your job search

I get it.  When you are looking for a job (and maybe having some trouble finding one) family can add even more anxiety to the process.  As people who are probably most concerned about your well-being, they probably constantly ask for updates (that you don’t have) and wonder why it’s taking so long.  However, your family can help you in your job search – if you just let them.  Here’s how:

how your family can help you in your job search

Your family knows you best

Like it or not, your family knows you best.  They’ve watched you excel at certain things, fail at others, and they’ve experienced all those things from a totally different vantage point than you have.

If you’re thinking about making a career change or deciding between industries or different types of roles, ask them for input.  They may have observations that help make things incredibly clear.

They have their own network

Your family members are probably your biggest fans.  Even though an endorsement from them is definitely biased, they will talk you up to everyone they know.  As strong as your network may be, there are probably people in your parents’ and siblings’ networks that work at companies you’re dying to get an interview with.  I definitely got my first interview for my first job because of a friend of the family and it got my foot in the door.

They’ll go to bat for you

Again, slightly biased opinions, but your family will go to bat for you more than anyone.  That means they’ll recommend you wholeheartedly, and help you in your search in other ways (if they have time).  Instead of being anxious when another “job suggestion” comes your way, use your family to help keep their eyes and ears open for you and sing your praises when appropriate.

They have your best interest at heart

Sometimes amongst friends or former co-workers there can be jealousy or competition that exists.  I like to think this doesn’t happen, but not everyone you know will want you to succeed.  That’s not a risk with family.  They are much more likely to genuinely have your best interest at heart and therefore give you good advice and encouragement.  When you’re going through an intense job search, you can use all the positivity you can find.

I fully realize that it’s tempting to let the pressure from your family overwhelm you and cause you to shut down a bit.  However, doing the opposite and letting your family really know what your plan is, what you’re interested in, and (most of all) how they can help, can help you get support and results in your job search.

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