|  February 17, 2013

Is your interviewer stealing your ideas?

Interviews are becoming much more in depth than a few simple questions these days.  Interviewers often want to see examples of your actual work, and may ask you questions that give them insight into what value you can really add to the company. For example, they may ask: “If you joined, what would you suggest doing about X?”  They may even ask you to work on a sample project that can take significant time.

With these new interview tactics, the question on many job seekers’ minds often are, “How much of my ideas should I give away?” and, “If I share my ideas, will they be taken and used even if I’m not offered the job?”

It’s a tricky one, but in my opinion you should always go all out in an interview, giving it everything you’ve got.  Doing anything only half way will not get you great results, especially in the interview process.  So if you’re asked to work on a project or present an idea for the company, be thoughtful, thorough and brilliant.

That being said, how can you really know if your idea is going to be taken and used without you in the equation? Click here to read the full article on The Levo League.

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