|  August 23, 2012

Our mission… why we’re here

The goal of The Prepary is really simple – to help people get jobs – and also to provide advice that is accurate, informed, and current.  You won’t see much information here on sending hard copies of your resume but you will find advice and information on the real questions you have in your job search today… how to properly leverage social media, email etiquette, video interviews, etc.

I’ve been a recruiter for the last 5+ years and worked across various industries.  I’ve hired people into some of the most competitive jobs out there (think over one thousand applicants for just one opening).  After getting over the hump of actually being qualified for a job, what differentiates a poor candidate, from a decent candidate, from an amazing candidate are things that you can control, and work on, and PREP for.

As you go along in your job or internship search, I hope you’ll follow along and read through our site to help you be the best candidate you can be.

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