|  October 13, 2012

This week’s round up of job search & career advice

Hope it’s been a great week for everyone!  There have been some great career-related posts across the internet this week.  From valuable advice on receiving feedback, to analyzing an offer, to work quality vs. quantity, here are some great finds that I think are especially relevant to the job search and your career.

Constructive Criticism: Six strategies for receiving and processing feedback – via Gina Bianchini & The Levo League

  • I had the privilege of meeting Gina (the author of this article and the Founder of Mightybell) at a wonderful local Levo League event and got to hear her talk about this directly.  Literally everyone in the group could relate to hearing a piece of tough feedback and having the reaction of wanting to go home and cry (or just doing that right on the spot!) but Gina’s perspective was super valuable and insightful.  Treating feedback “as a gift” and other tips fill this article and make it a must read for any young professional.

Analyzing an Offer: Seven things to take into account – via The Levo League

  • I wrote this one and think it’s a really helpful guide.  I often walk clients through these 7 things when helping them analyze their offers.  There are many more factors to an offer other than just the base salary and it’s important to incorporate them into your decision making process.  You may want to “bookmark” this one for that amazing day when your next job offer comes!

They Work Long Hours, but What About the Results? – via The NYTimes

  • This NYTimes article was really interesting to me.  We’ve all been in that situation where we feel like we have to put in long hours or “face time” to prove our worth.  Of course logically, we should care more about efficiency and the quality of our work (versus the hours) but it’s often not the case.  This article addresses that and offers tips to be more efficient at work.

 The Hollywood Assistants Tumblr – via http://hollywoodassistants.tumblr.com/

  • This is pretty much just for fun but it did make laugh out loud.  I think any Assistant or anyone in an entry level job can relate to some of these feelings and ridiculous situations.  I always try to remind people that no matter how glamorous people’s jobs seem from the outside, it’s never quite like that day-to-day.  This tumblr definitely shows that – and maybe exaggerates just a little bit…

Any other great finds this week?  Leave a comment! And with that… have a great weekend!

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