|  August 13, 2013

Ways to say thank you at the end of your summer internship

It’s about that time when students are ending their summer internships and getting ready to go back to school. A great summer intern can be enormously helpful to teams and companies (and will be missed), but managing interns also takes a lot of work and time out of the day.

If you’re wrapping up your summer internship, be sure to take a look at this checklist of things to do before (or right after) you go. One of the key things on the list is to say thank you to those who helped you out during your internship. Whether that was your manager or just a very helpful teammate here are 3 great ways to say thank you at the end of your summer internship.

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Write a handwritten note or thoughtful email

A thoughtful thank you note goes a long way. Take the time to write one to all those who helped you out during your internship – from those who recruited you, to those you shadowed or worked with on other teams, to those who worked with you most directly.

As with any thank you note, the best ones are customized, personal, and thoughtful. Think about the specific ways different people within the company helped you out, what they taught you, etc. and include that in your note.

Drop off a small treat

In addition to writing a nice note, it’s always a nice touch to drop off some type of small treat or token of appreciation. I’ve seen interns drop off cupcakes, cookies, flowers, starbucks cards, and other small gifts. There is no need to go crazy here and spending a lot could be seen as overkill.

If you happen to know something your summer manager particularly likes (provided it’s something small), go that route. Again, a thank you note is more than enough but there’s nothing wrong with adding on something small to show your appreciation.

Offer to help out in the off season

Not only is this a nice thing to do, but it will also help you stay in touch and remain top of mind with you team. Since your team has probably trained you in a lot of key areas (that you’ve been able to help out with over the summer) it’s nice to offer to work on projects or help out in small ways throughout the year, on your school breaks, or whenever you have time. Not everyone will take you up on this but it’s a great way to show initiative.

I’ve definitely witnessed many interns being helpful throughout the year – whether they serve as a sounding board for ideas, an extra pair of hands during a busy time, or just someone the team knows they can call on as needed.

Overall, the most important thing at the end of a summer internship is to say thank you, and show your appreciation for the time the team has invested in you – and that can be done in many different ways.

Being gracious will enable you to leave ¬†your summer internship on a very positive note – and hey, it’s just good manners.

How have you said thank you at the end of your internship?  Leave a comment!

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