,   |  August 18, 2016

Work remotely and travel too

Because I write about the job search, I know that sometimes my articles might not be the most exciting thing you read all day… job searching is just not a very sexy process.

However, today is a special day because this post is both career-related and awesome. It’s about the ability to work remotely AND travel the world. 

I first heard about Remote Year when my good friend Tracy told me that her sister Leah would be doing it. Then today, another friend mentioned someone on her team was going.

Upon further investigation, I learned that it is a seriously awesome program.

remote year 1

The premise is this… First, you have to find a way to work remotely for one year, either by pitching it to your employer or by having a remote job/business to begin with.

The company will actually give you advice on building your case (which would also be a fun blog post for another time) and I do feel that employers are slowly getting more comfortable with this type of remote working arrangement, as well as other flexible situations.

If this is the way the world is moving, I am totally on board. Let’s please get rid of the outdated concept of face time! 

Once you figure out your work situation, you can apply to take part in the program. It’s a year-long “working adventure” where you live and work in a new country each month. You also get to do it with a group of 75 other people in similar situations with a mutual passion for exploring the world.

remote year 2

You work out of a co-working space during the day, have your own private room at night, and can choose which program you want to take part in so that time differences don’t negatively affect your working hours.

The program isn’t necessarily cheap – it’s a $5,000 down payment plus $2,000 per month for 11 months. However, if you’re already living in a high rent city like NYC or San Francisco (and considering that you’re literally traveling the world) it probably doesn’t seem too unreasonable either. 

Turns out, Remote Year isn’t the only program out there like this. Upon further research, I also found Wanderos and We Roam as well as Pivot Journeys, which is a shorter trip focused on helping you figure out what your next career move should actually be.

I love this study-aboard-like concept for adults and that it allows people to follow their passion for traveling without needing to give up their income or career. Well done, Remote Year.

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